The pleasure of travelling by bike…

Cordoba bike tourism

What to do in Cordoba? Ruta 77 offers you a new way of tourism: by bike.

Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities to visit, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. We would like you to enjoy it in a different way, with a little more action.

Those of us who are riders will know that there’s no better sensation than a bike trip, something that no other form of transport can give you. We know and have experienced this, so we have prepared for you our special routes in Cordoba by bike.

Get to know Cordoba by the only sensations that a bike can give you, the wind in your face, the adrenaline, the pleasure of the experience…

To sum up, the indescribable sensation of freedom and adventure that only our bikes can give us. To get to know a city like Cordoba, it’s unbelievable landscapes, monuments, squares and something beautiful around every corner.

BOX 77 was born a decade ago with the purpose not only to sell motorbikes but to enjoy them and to help to treasure the experience by all its members. This new project, Route 77 (Ruta 77) goes further. We are now including activities for everyone to admire and enjoy the city of Cordoba and its fantastic environment by motorbike.

Ruta 77 is pioneer in this kind of tourism/entertainment in Cordoba: we rent bikes and we offer tours in Cordoba by bike.

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