Page ( http://ruta77.telegestor.es ) is an Internet domain , which contains a manager reserves the ownership in compliance with the provisions of Law 34/ 2002 of 11 July on Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce reports:

Box 77 S. L.
CIF : B14715965
Polg . of Chinales , Professor Arnold J. Toynbee Avd # 44 Nave 2
14007 Córdoba
Phone 957408979 / info@box77motos.com / www.box77motos.com

The website of Route 77 is to make the management of reservations and rental bikes Box 77, sl
With this website, Box 77 S. L. aims to provide a useful service , so that the user suggestions are welcome. But if you disagree with any of the conditions contained in this notice , you should stop using the Web site Box 77 SL Access to the same means you accept them without reservation . The use of certain services offered on this site is also governed by the particular conditions in each case, which shall be accepted by the mere use of such services .
Conditions of use of the portal: The conditions set out below govern the permitted use of the Web page www.box77motos.com
1. Access . There are certain parts of the Web page to which access is restricted by a user ID and password . Users are not authorized to do so , can visit the public sections of the site and should not ever try to access restricted sections , unless it has been authorized by assigning a user ID and password access .

2.. Amendments page and interruptions or errors in access . Box 77 S. L. the power to make, at any time and without notice, changes and updates to the information contained in the Web page , the configuration and presentation, and access conditions .
Box 77 S. L. is not responsible for failures occurring in communications, not ensuring the availability and continuity of the portal and services , thereby Box 77 SL does not guarantee no interruptions or errors in accessing the website or its content. Box 77 S. L. take place , provided that there are reasons that make this impossible or difficult to execute , and as soon becomes aware of errors, disconnections or lack of updated content , all efforts aimed at correcting the errors , re-establish communication and update contents
3. Intellectual property . Unless otherwise indicated, the contents of the Web page , images, text and data are property of Box 77 SL It is also owned by S. L. Box 77 source, design and navigation structure code. Applies to Box 77 S. L. the exclusive rights of exploitation in any form and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution , public communication and transformation. All this material is protected by the law of intellectual property and misuse may be subject to sanctions, even criminal .
The consultation or downloading content from the site or any software does not include the transfer of any intellectual or industrial property rights over them.
Display , print and download the contents of the Web page is only and exclusively if the following conditions :
That is consistent with the purposes of the website.
That is not done for commercial purposes or for distribution , public communication or transformation.
None of the content of the Web page is changed.
No graphic, icon or image available on the Web can be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or other images that accompany it.
That the source is acknowledged.
All information received on this site , such as comments, suggestions or ideas, is considered to be given gratuitously. Do not submit information that can not be treated this way .
4 . Security . Box 77 S. L. aware of the risks facing the new challenges of extending their services through Internet has had stringent security measures to reduce those risks.
However, Box 77 S. L. can not guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems , so that excludes all liability for damages of any kind that may result from the presence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware ) , electronic documents and files of the user or any third party, including those arising in the services provided by third parties through this website .
Users are informed that the use of electronic data transmission systems and email offers no absolute guarantee of security . User and Box 77 S. L. mutually exempt from any liability for events such as non -receipt or delay the same , the error or interception of communications.
5 . Files and linked pages. The information contained in this website is for informational purposes ; and in no case constitute any contractual obligation type .
The purpose of the links , or links that appear on this page is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other sources of information on the subject on the Internet , where you can expand or supplement the information provided on this page . Box 77 S. L. not be responsible for the results obtained through these links .
In any case Box 77 S. L. assumes no liability whatsoever for the content linked from its website nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in it that can cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software) , documents or user files , excluding any responsibility for any damage caused to the user for this reason.
Although the links are monitored regularly so that does not happen, in the event that any user or third party considers that the content or services provided by the linked sites are illegal , violate values ​​or constitutional principles , or injured property or rights of self user or a third party are requested to immediately notify Box 77 SL such circumstances , especially if the links are:
Activities or contents that could be considered criminal under Spanish criminal law .
Activities or contents that violate intellectual property .
Activities or contents that endanger public order , criminal investigation , public security and national defense .
Activities or contents that jeopardize the protection of public health, respect for human dignity , the principle of non -discrimination, protection of health and children or any other securities or constitutional principle.
6. Privacy Policy . The personal data linked to this website comply with the requirements of current legislation on the protection of personal data.
Box 77 S. L. will treat the personal information that is collected through this Web complying with current legislation on data protection .
thus :
• inclusion in the files is completely voluntary and is duly announced ;
• files for which personal data are incorporated are discharged from the agencies competent Data Protection , and protected by security measures required by legislation. –
• the data will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected ; –
• all people who join the file created may exercise rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition in the manner specified by current legislation on data protection
• Unless otherwise indicated in a different sense , the controller will Box 77 SL where the user can go to exercise their rights of access , rectification , cancellation and opposition .

7. Third link to the Web www.box77motos.com . Any link to the Website must be to the home page , is expressly prohibited deep links , framing and any other use of the contents of the Web for unauthorized third parties.
8 Responsibilities : Box 77 S. L. not be in any way responsible for any damages arising from any direct or indirect type , lack reading this notice, or the breach of the obligations specified in the conditions set out therein . Also, according to what was stated in these conditions , Box 77 SL excludes all liability for damages of any kind that may result from the transmission , diffusion, storage , availability , reception or access to the Website or its contents.
Box 77 S. L. Therefore not responsible for the misuse of the portal and its content and services, nor can it guarantee , even your mood , the certainty of its contents . Also does not guarantee the accuracy of the advertising content of any goods, products or services advertised .
The user liable for damages that his negligent attitude may cause to this website .
9. Court Jurisdiction . Box 77 S. L. and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction , submit any dispute that may arise from accessing or using the Web to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Córdoba.
Visit the Web www.box77motos.com not require or require the provision of any personal data , it is true the possible acquisition of the IP address. In the event you provide any personal information , the data collected will be used for the purpose , in the manner and with the limitations and rights contained in the Organic Law 15/ 1999 on Protection of Personal Data . The data provided by users will be incorporated into files which is responsible Box 77 SL
Box 77 S. L. take all security measures regarding the files and the data processed in them , according to the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection, and additional rules.
Users who provide personal details unequivocally consent to the inclusion of their data files , for which it is responsible Box 77 SL And the computerized or not the same so they can be used for the purpose treatment for which it has been collected . All other uses require the express consent of the affected .
Users whose data are processed may exercise the rights of opposition, access and information , rectification, deletion of data and revocation of their authorization without retroactive effect by written notice to Box 77 SL
At the time of initiating the collection of data, the voluntary or mandatory nature of the data being collected will be indicated . Refusal to provide qualified as mandatory data will not be provided or inability to access the service for which they were requested. In the event that users must provide their email address to access some of the services may wish to not wish to receive any communication Box 77 SL could send, if it is not strictly linked to the purpose for which the service was requested . Box 77 S. L. available to users who have subscribed to any mailing list within this website appropriate mechanisms to unsubscribe from it.

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