Rent your bike with us in May in Cordoba and knows their festivities without worrying about traffic or hire any of our tours with us and take you to explore incredible corners and each of these celebrations.
    • Las Cruces de Mayo de Córdoba are the starting point of this month full of joy. The festival of the crosses is something you can not miss. Incredible crosses decorated with carnations to give a special touch each enclave of Córdoba. Enjoy this unique atmosphere among friends and family, all enlivened with sevillanas, wine and typical dishes Córdoba.Los Patios
    • Festival of Patios Cordobeses 2014.Pasear the courtyards of Cordoba in May is an experience you can not miss. Awaken your senses and be seduced by the colors and beauty of the streets Córdoba.Cada home has something special and particular. The hard caring for families in every corner of the courtyard is essential so that you can enjoy this tradition.
    • Wine Tasting
      Montilla Moriles Wine Tasting 2014.
      The tradition of wine in Córdoba is evident in the party’s Cata. All warehouses meet in May Córdoba to offer their best wines. The wine tasting is a must for those who want to taste the best wines of the province.
    • The May Fair
      Feria de Córdoba 2014.

The fair, an end to May Córdoba. The fair of Our Lady of Health is known nationally and landmark gathering of friends and families. The fair is the celebration of all celebrations May, 8 days to enjoy dancing sevillanas and eat the delicious dishes of each house.

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