What are the requirements to rent?
Be 18 years of age , and driver’s license without limitation bikes with more than two years old.

What documents do I need to rent a bike ?
Spanish : ID card and driving license class A European Union Citizens : Passport and driving license class A Worldwide: Passport and valid motorcycle driver’s license in Spain

What foreign motorcycles licenses are valid in Spain ?
Under Spanish law a tourist for less than six months in Spain may lead to a license from your country provided it is signatory to the 1968 Treaty of Vienna . (Most countries are). However, if your license is not written in Spanish or English need an international license , or an official translation.

Can pay by credit card?
Yes, Visa and Master Card. In our web booking process will redirect you to our payment platform Cajasur , so you can use your card safely.
Can I cancel a reservation rental bike?
Your booking may be transferred to another date without penalty as long as you notify us with more than 7 days upon date of collection advance. In no case shall the amount paid will be returned.

What if it rains?
If the weather forecast shows a chance of rain exceeding 50 % (Source aemet ) allow modification date 3 days in advance instead of 7.
Am you carry the bike to the airport or hotel?
No, our bikes must be collected and returned to our offices .

Can I leave my luggage at home while enjoying your trip ?
Yes, for your convenience you can leave your bags in our office. Also, if you wish, hold an official entered in the station itself .

What kit is included and what is optional ?
The motorbike rental includes a helmet or have Optionally type Jet Helmets passenger, Cordura jackets and trousers with protections , gloves and rain suits .

Are you including gasoline in the rental price ?
No. The bike comes with a full tank and must return the same.

What kind of insurance are the bikes ?
The bikes are covered by third party insurance ( compulsory and voluntary civil liability). Lessee accepts the bikes themselves bear the damages up to the market value according to the tables of the exchequer .

Should I pay a deposit ?
Yes, it varies according to the type of bike rented . When returning the bike , no damage, the deposit will be returned . If the bike suffer any damage, you have to retain the security budget official repair workshop , at which time we will refund the difference if any.

What if I did not damage it caused ?
When you do the bike comes together an inspection of any damage present . Any new damage appears to repayment is considered your responsibility. However if the damage is caused by the fault of a third party, you must fill in the friendly part of an accident, and your deposit will be retained until we have confirmation from the insurance company of the other driver accepts his guilt.

Can someone else ride the bike that I rent ?
Yes, as long as you meet the requirements and has been included in the rental agreement as an additional driver. In any case, you will be responsible for any damages .

Can someone else pick up my bike?
No, because you must sign the contract

Can someone else return my bike?
Yes, as long as this person was included in the contract as an additional driver.

If different bikes rented from a group of friends, can we swap ?
Yes, as long as all figuréis as additional drivers in each contract, and are solely responsible for any damage the contractor .

Can I ride the bike out of paved public roads ?
No, under no circumstances allowed to move with the bikes through the countryside, circuit , or other enclosure.

What if I am late in returning the bike ?
In the lease there is a penalty clause for delay in repayment . We are flexible in whenever you have authorized application.

What happens if I have a puncture or breakdown ?
Our bikes have introduced one tire puncture Kevlar based product which makes it virtually impossible to puncture. If the event of a breakdown should occur have roadside assistance coverage , and always have our full support for your trip is not interrupted ..

Can I give a rental?
If , for this we have our gift certificate , valid for one year to use it.